Vocational Studies

Some learners may not be ready for a full time study programme as a result of a lack of confidence and therefore require additional learning support. 

Programme Purpose:

The Vocational Studies programme is designed to help learners with their own personal and social development to enable them to prepare for further study or employment.

Entry Requirements:

There are no formal entry qualifications required. You will be asked to complete an Initial Assessment so we can identify what level you are working at. The program will then be designed to meet your learning needs and ensure that you are able to achieve qualifications which will help you to progress. Even if you have done it before you can progress to the next level.

The courses intentions:

  • Develop total communication skills
  • Develop functional English and maths skills
  • Work towards individualised goals
  • Develop core independent living skills
  • Be an active member of the local community
  • Develop and take ownership of various strategies
  • Develop self-regulating strategies to manage behaviour (positive behaviour support)
  • Have opportunities to develop healthy lifestyles
  • Become better equipped to make informed choices about their lives
  • Develop employability skills where relevant and meaningful

During the learner’s time at college, they will have a personal tutor with specialist SEND knowledge who is responsible for all aspects of their learning programme and will support learners to make progress towards outcomes through an individualised approach.

Learners will also participate in:

  • Maths and English
  • Tutorials with a personal tutor
  • Independent study
  • Work experience within an industry sector
  • Opportunity for infill into level 1 vocational sessions

English and Maths Development:

It is recognised by employers that good English and Maths skills are not just desirable but vital, particularly if you aspire to advance your career.  We also recognise this importance and will support you in developing these skills and abilities throughout your studies.

English and Maths are so vital to your employment prospects that it is a requirement for anyone 18 or under without a GCSE grade 4/C, to continue working towards these subjects, either directly, or in a stepped approach through Functional Skills.  Even if you have achieved the grade 4/C or above, we feel it is still important you continue developing these skills, therefore English and maths will always be a core part of your course.