Meet the team

Denise Dunn

Derwentside College has a strong Careers Team and a focus in line with the new national Gatsby Benchmarks which are designed to promote excellence in Careers and improve outcomes for young people. 

Denise Dunn, Assistant Principal, has been appointed as Careers Leader and is responsible for quality assuring the careers programme to ensure that it continuously improves and delivers the kinds of impacts that are needed for young people.

Mary Stokoe

Name: Mary Stokoe

Work History: I have worked at Derwentside College for over ten years in various student support roles, before that I worked for a service which offered information, advice and guidance on a range of issues from careers to homelessness. 

After taking qualifications to specialise in Careers Advice and Guidance I joined the Careers Department at the college.

Motivation: I love working with people and helping them to plan for their futures—sometimes helping them to achieve things that they never thought they could.

Ambition: To continue to help learners work towards achieving their ambitions and prepare themselves for a career that they enjoy.



Claire Young

Name: Claire Young

Work History: I joined Derwentside College in January 2015, prior that I worked for Sunderland College for 6 years as a Guidance Officer offering information, advice and guidance on college courses and career pathways. 

Motivation: I enjoy exploring career options and options for learning with people. 

Ambition: To continue to help people get started, or progress, on their chosen career pathway.