English & Maths

English and maths are an essential part of the curriculum we provide.

Having a good level of achievement in English and Maths is fundamental to young peoples’ and adults’ future employability. Investing in developing these skills makes a positive difference in supporting people to achieve their career aspirations and develops the skills that employers demand.

All 16-18yr olds on study programmes who have not yet achieved an A*-C in GCSE English or Maths are required to enrol on a suitable qualification as part of their programme. This builds on previous attainment and helps young people develop their skills to the next level. Young people enrol on English and Maths courses from entry level to level two GCSE.

The college also provides a range of provision throughout the year to enable unemployed adults to improve their English and Maths. Provision is aimed at improving chances of gaining employment. Students build on prior attainment and also undertake an in depth assessment of current skills at the commencement of the course. From this students follow an individualised programme to improve their skills at a pace appropriate to them.

All English and Maths courses we run are accredited through government approved qualifications.