Our Board of Governors is responsible for setting the College’s mission, vision and strategic direction. Comprised of 13 members from a variety of backgrounds and sectors the Board is responsible for ensuring that we deliver on our strategy.

The Board provides support and challenge to the College’s Executive Team, setting the strategic direction and monitoring performance against a wide range of key performance indicators across all aspects of the College's business.  

The Board’s members are highly experienced and qualified to lead and direct the development of the college and are made up of a wide range of individuals with a broad skills set and diverse experience.  The Board includes staff and students members who are elected to the role by their peers. 



Meet the Board

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The College was established as an independent Corporation under the Further and Higher Education ...

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This section provides information on the legal constitution of the College and its Corporation Bo...

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Agendas & Meetings

This section provides information on the meetings of the Corporation and its Committees. If you w...

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Becoming a Governor

The Corporation (or Governing Body as it is sometimes known) is responsible for the mission and s...

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Annual Report and Accounts

Click below to view the College's Report and Financial Statements: Year Ended 31 July 2017 Year E...

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