Financial Support

What types of financial support are available?

The College provides a range of financial support to assist learners undertaking a programme of study. The support is designed to help learners with the greatest financial needs and is subject to specific eligibility criteria being met.

A summary of the financial support available to eligible students is listed below:

In exceptional circumstances the college can offer financial support to help with the cost of tuition fees.

The College provides funding to support the cost of travel as follows:

  • All full time 16-18 learners are offered free travel to College regardless of personal circumstances.  For 16-18 learners, the College will provide a bus pass, allowing the learner to travel to and from College during term time periods.  Learners using their own transport will receive a mileage allowance based on evidenced claims 19+ learners are able to claim travel costs, subject to eligibility criteria being met.  These learners will receive a reimbursement of evidenced travel costs, or a mileage allowance as appropriate

The College provides bursary funding to support eligible students with college related expenses:

  • 16-18 learners classed as vulnerable are entitled to an enhanced bursary of up too £1,200 per annum
  • 16-18 and 19+ learners are able to claim a termly bursary award, subject to funding and eligibility criteria being met

All 16-18 and 19+ learners are able to claim a free meal daily, subject to eligibility criteria being met.

The College provides funding to support the purchase of uniforms and equipment for eligible learners as follows:

  • All 16-18 learners are provided with uniforms and equipment by the College where necessary (full time learners)
  • 19+ learners may be supported with the cost of uniforms and equipment, subject to eligibility criteria being met
  • Learners in receipt of an Advanced Learner Loan are provided with uniforms and equipment as part of the course fee

Childcare funding is available for eligible learners as follows:

  • Learners aged 16 - 19 are eligible for free childcare from a national scheme called Care-to-Learn.  Information and application forms are available on-line at
  • 20+ learners can have the costs of childcare met for pre-school aged children that are placed with Ofsted registered child minders or nurseries. This is subject to the eligibility criteria being met
  • Funding of up to £160 per week is available although this may be increased under exceptional circumstances
  • Funding will cover timetabled activity, plus reasonable travel time to and from College only


Learners will be expected to deduct free childcare made available by the Government from any potential claim.


For further information on the eligibility criteria attached to the schemes identified above, please contact Caroline Swainson on 01207 585 971, or email

Please click here to access the College's Financial Support for Learners Policy.