What our students say...

Helen Halliday - “This course has given me so much confidence and let me see what my abilities really are. Never in my life did I expect to go to university. Thrillingly, I am now studying Health and Human Science at Durham University . This is a direct result of the excellent teaching, facilities and camaraderie with fellow students on the course”. 

Hayley Wilson - “Derwentside College has been a pleasure to attend and now due to my hard work and effort I have succeeded in gaining a place at university. Being a mother of four, I am overwhelmed with my achievements and progression I have made in further education. It is a journey I will always be thankful for”. 

Lindsey Thomas Horner - “Went to Derwentside to do the Health and Social Access Course. The course took a year and was the best thing I've done. I enjoyed every single subject, as they were so interesting and taught so well. The tutors were absolutely fantastic and a great support just wanted to help their students as much as possible. The LRC staff are brilliant and really go out of their way to support the students. Without the help of all of the staff and careers advisors I wouldn't be where I am today and look forward to starting university to study nursing. Would go back to access now if I could! I highly recommend this college”.

Kayleigh Marshall - "I've all just completed this course today, it has been challenging but amazing at the same time.  I've done a few different courses over the years, but the Access stands out amongst them all. I've got the best grades I've ever achieved, made the best friends and have the most solid career opportunity from this course.  Couldn't get a more supportive and friendly staff and students and the course prepares you perfectly for university". 

Lisa Clark - "If your considering going to University then I would definitely suggest joining the access course at Derwentside College.  It prepares you for University and helps you every step of the way.  The tutors are extremely helpful and the support from the college is fantastic.  The course can be difficult at times but if you put in the hard work and stay on top of the assignments, it definitely pays off.  I have just completed this course today and I will be starting my degree in Biomedical Science in September at the University of Sunderland thanks to Derwentside College".

Shannon Lishman - "I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to go to university!  Best thing I have ever done signing up for Access Course! Challenging, but well worth it!  So much satisfaction when you finish!  You get a lot of support off the access team and its a life changing decision.  I started the access course in September and lost my sister in April!  So close to finishing the course I decided to go and discuss my options, the staff are absolutely amazing and helped me finish the course and get the grades I need for my conditional offer for paediatric nursing at Teesside university!  I feel like I have achieved so much!  Thanks to all the staff and all the amazing friends I made on the course!  Top tip.. Stay on top of the assignments and put all you've got into it and it pays off!"

Victoria Doolan - "Just completed this course and I have loved every minute of it.  It is challenging and demanding on your time but absolutely well worth it.  It has changed my life for the better and I've made life long friends.  Recommend it to anyone who is lost in life and looking to better themselves".

Christy Leigh - "Just completed this course today!  Would recommend it to anyone.  It's challenging but the lecturers are so supportive!  I started this course pregnant and finished it with a newborn baby and that was made achievable due to the care and support from all my lecturers.  Thanks to them I can finally go to university in September and achieve my dreams!"

Sarah Carrick - "Just completed this course yesterday and can honestly say it's the best thing I did returning to education.  It had been 16 years since I was last in education and was very nervous and there was no need.  The staff /tutors at the college are amazing and so supportive throughout the full course.  I have learnt so much over this last year and made some life long friends, it can be a challenging/intense course at times but it's so worth it in the end.  If you are thinking of doing this course just do it; jump in with both feet, give it all you have, you will not regret it"