Work Placements

Our learners benefit from a specialist Work Placement Officer who is based in the Careers Hub.  Laura Henderson, Work Placement Officer, works with learners to source and support them through industry placements.  These industry placements will give eligible students a valuable opportunity to put their learning into practice, develop their technical skills and become more employable.

Students will spend a minimum of 45 days with an external employer in a role directly relevant to their course. These placements are designed to give our learners a competitive edge when applying for apprenticeships or employment, and Derwentside College is fully committed to helping learners progress into sustained employment after their time with us.

Laura Henderson - Work Placement Officer

Name: Laura Henderson

Working History: I started working for Derwentside College in August 2018, the role itself is new to the college and myself but I am enjoying the opportunity of getting to grips with a new challenge. I have a history of working with young people to help tackle barriers in relations to work and employment. One of the main barriers facing young people is lack of experience and confidence so I am enjoying the challenge of supporting learners through gaining the necessary experience and confidence to progress into sustained employment through supported industry placements. 

Motivation: I have a passion for working with young people to help them progress. This job gives me the opportunity to make a real difference in students’ advancements and their confidence to take on the next steps. 

Ambition: To help students gain valuable experience of the world of work in a supported manor, to help them feel confident to progress into employment or further education.