Derwentside College Access Winners!!

Over the years; Derwentside College has helped to produce some amazing 'Access' students.  These students have come, achieved and are on the path to fulfil their career dreams.

Below are examples of former ‘Access’ students who have been recognised for their achievement within Derwentside College Annual Achievement Awards:


Elizabeth Lampard - Excellence in Access to Higher Education.

Elizabeth, who prefers to be known as ‘Lizzie’ worked in several jobs to support her family, but, knew she wanted to pursue greater goals.

Believing, “how can I teach my child to follow her dreams, if I don’t follow my own?” - Lizzie made the quantum leap of returning to education.

Despite her uncertainty, Lizzie was unwavering in her determination to succeed, but she had quite a task in hand, as she juggled her high expectations with study commitments and the needs of her family.

Lizzie also had to navigate difficult travel arrangements to attend College, but somehow managed to achieve excellent attendance!

Lizzie’s tutors are justifiably proud that despite her lack of self-belief Lizzie achieved the highest grades possible – Distinctions in all 5 units!

Now studying English Literature at Northumbria University with her sights set on becoming a teacher, we are sure ‘determined and resourceful’ Lizzie will go on to achieve much success, ultimately finding herself in a class of her own…


Nicola Grey - Excellence in Access to Higher Education.

Nicola is a family-orientated person, with four children, who dreamt of becoming a primary school teacher.

In reality, Nicola worked as a lunchtime supervisor in a local primary school, but so enjoyed her work with children; she was encouraged by her colleagues to brush up on her literacy and numeracy skills. Having done this, Nicola hesitantly embarked on a new chapter by enrolling on the Access to Higher Education course.

Initially lacking in self-confidence, Nicola worked extremely hard to meet the demands of the course. Developing exemplary study skills and with some excellent work under her belt, Nicola secured a much-sought-after place at Northumbria University to study Primary Education.

With sincere thanks to her tutors for their faith in her abilities and for the preparation they provided, Nicola’s learning journey has a certain Cinderella-like story, with a guaranteed “very happy ending”.


Lucy McCance-Lowe - Excellence in Access to Higher Education.

Originally joining College to study A Levels at the age of sixteen, Lucy was unable to complete her studies. However, 16-years later, Lucy returned as an adult learner to study Access to Higher Education.

To say Lucy’s work was consistently excellent is rather an understatement! Not only did she receive a final distinction for every subject, she also received a distinction for every single assignment!

Describing her time at Derwentside College as life changing, this gave Lucy the confidence to pursue her dream career.

Currently, studying at the University of Sunderland for a degree in Primary Education, Lucy hopes to teach learners with special educational needs. Now guaranteed for even greater success, we would like to offer Lucy our congratulations on this outstanding achievement!


Victoria Heughan - Excellence in Access to Higher Education.

Having worked as a receptionist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a number of years, Victoria decided she required a vocation that was more challenging.  

Having received a recommendation about the Access course, Victoria took a very big step and left her job to return to the classroom!

She needn’t have had any concerns about her academic ability, because Victoria’s attention to detail ensured her coursework was completed to the highest of standards.

Having gained a distinction in all five subjects of the Access programme, Victoria proved she had made the right choice.

Currently studying Adult Nursing at Northumbria University, we are sure Victoria will further impress with her continued success…