Full-time care home jobs for ‘fantastic’ trio


THREE apprentices have been given full-time employment in Hartlepool Care Home after completing a health and social care course.

Chloe Belsham, 17, Beth Robinson, 17, and Jennifer Addison, 32 have been assisting staff at Rossmere Care Home since December 2017.  The Derwentside College students have been given full-time employment before three new apprentices start this month.

Joanne Evans, the Training Consultant from Derwentside College, said: “All three have been fantastic.  They’ve been motivated and keen to get the work done.  I’ve been observing them in practice and they’ve been superb.  They get on great with the staff.”

The girls have completed a variety of coursework and practical work to complete their course, such as understanding the service users who suffer from dementia.

Maxine Lee, Manager of Rossmere Care Home, said: “I’ve known the girls since July.  They’ve been really enthusiastic and don’t say no to anything they’re asked to do.  They get on well with the residents and the work colleagues that they blended straight in.  I’ve seen them evolve from listening and going along with tasks to now voicing their opinions and expressing their knowledge.”

She added: “The trio will be great ambassadors for the other apprentices who will be starting in May.  They’ll be getting buddied up.”