Mission, Vision and Values

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To provide high quality education and training that shapes the future and transforms lives.


Derwentside College aims to be:

the number one College in the North East and a shining light within the Further Education sector


The College Values are the key to our culture, and we strive to live by them each and every day. They serve as a compass to help guide us on our path to success, as well as a bridge to the future, supporting the achievement of our Mission and Vision over time.

  • We take responsibility for our own work and actions, holding ourselves to account;
  • We follow through on our commitments, making sure we deliver what we say we will;
  • We are trusted to do our jobs well and we are given freedom and flexibility to achieve this in our own way.
  • We treat everyone with respect and support each other;
  • We value diversity and difference;
  • We accept people for who they are.
  • We have the highest expectations for our learners;
  • We strive to achieve excellence in all that we do;
  • We take the lead on improving our services and get things done;
  • We learn from our mistakes in an environment free from blame, where learning and reflection is encouraged.
  • We think differently and are not afraid to innovate and try new things;
  • We accept that problems can occur, but we are solutions focussed, taking the lead and actively challenging the status quo;
  • We adapt well to change and embrace new opportunities.
  • We approach our work with enthusiasm and we are optimistic about the future;
  • We enjoy our work and the relationships we have with each other;
  • We are welcoming and friendly, and enjoy having fun with colleagues, learners and all those we come into contact with.