Mission, Vision and Values


Derwentside College provides high quality education and training that focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and qualities needed by our learners to progress into sustained employment and build successful careers.


Derwentside College aims to be:

  • the best college in the country at supporting learners into sustained employment and in building successful careers;
  • renowned for our excellent relationships with employers and partners;
  • recognised as delivering innovative and excellent teaching, learning and assessment.

Core Values

We strive to be the best in all areas of strategic importance to the College enabling our learners, employers and staff to achieve high expectations and ambitious goals.

We focus relentlessly on improving employability and up-skilling and make a major contribution to the prosperity and success of individuals and businesses in Derwentside, County Durham and the North East region. We encourage and develop enterprising behaviour in our learners and staff and create an environment where innovation flourishes.

We build outstanding, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders who contribute to our strategic purpose including sub-contractors, employers and schools. Within the College we promote and nurture partnership through highly effective team working that is both supportive and challenging in the pursuit of excellence and success.

We will do what is right and will lead to success for our learners, employers and the College. We will take personal responsibility for contributing to this success and for overcoming barriers. We will be constantly learning and developing.