Information Technology

If you are interested in working in the IT Industry, then our courses can develop your skills to seek work in a range of careers. You will benefit from working with excellent computer facilities, using a range of software applications and studying a wide range of topics.

You will develop your practical computer skills, as well as an understanding of how ICT is used in industry and commerce. Modules can include programming, developing computer games, graphics, computer animation, website design and computer systems.


Full Time Courses Available:

  • Foundation in IT

  • Certificate in IT

  • Diploma in IT

  • Certificate in IT and Extended Certificate and Foundation Diploma


Part Time Courses:

  • Award in Developing ICT Skills Level 1
  • For dates, times and costing of Part Time courses, please refer to our Part Time Guide


Also available Apprenticeships:

  • Apprenticeship in IT and Telecoms at Intermediate and Advanced Level

  • Apprenticeship in Applications Specialist at Intermediate and Advanced Level


What could I earn?

Computer Games Developer = £18,000 - £50,000

As a Computer Games Developer you will produce games for PCs and games consoles and also produce games for the internet and mobile phones. The work could involve making new games or updating existing titles.


IT Project Manager = £25,000 - £30,000

As an IT Project Manager you will oversee the planning, development and installation of computer systems to meet a client’s business needs.


Network Manager = £24,000 - £50,000

As a Network Manager you will oversee the design, installation and administration of computer systems in an organisation.