If you’re thinking about a job within construction and are keen to develop your skills in one of the related trades, then now has never been a better time.

Regionally, the Construction sector continues to grow and over the next five years, over 13,000 construction jobs are expected to be created within the North East. This is as a result of growth in both Private and Public Housing due to the support of a number of Government funding schemes.

As a result, employers are keen to recruit individuals with the skills they need to develop their businesses in a wide-range of trades including carpentry, joinery, bricklaying and plastering to name a few.


Full Time Courses Available:

  • Certificate in General Construction

  • Certificate in Brickwork

  • Certificate in Joinery

  • Certificate in Plastering

  • (With the opportunity of progression to Level 2 or an Apprenticeship)

  • Diploma in Construction Skills Level 1 and 2


Part Time courses Available:

  • Introduction to Working in the Construction Industry

  • Improve your DIY Skills (Level 1 Award in Basic Construction Skills)

  • Basic Plastering for the Home (Level 1 Award in Basic Construction Skills-Plastering)

  • Basic Bricklaying for the Home (Level 1 Award in Basic Construction Skills-Bricklaying)

  • Basic Joinery for the Home (Level 1 Award in Basic Construction-Joinery)


For dates, times and costing of Part Time courses, please refer to our Part Time Guide


Also available Apprenticeships:

  • Apprenticeships in a range of Construction Trades at Intermediate and Advanced Level




General Construction


What could I earn?

Bricklayer = £15,000 - £30,000

As a Bricklayer you will build and repair walls inside and outside of properties as well as working on other kinds of brickwork, such as tunnel walls and chimney stacks.


Carpenter or Joiner = £18,000 - £30,000

As a Carpenter or Joiner you will make and install wooden fixtures and fittings. You may work in areas such as fitting out shops and bars, building sets for film or TV and on general construction sites.


Building Services Engineer = £20,000 - £45,000

As a Building Services Engineer you will design, install and maintain the services that are needed to allow the building to do what it has been designed for.