How Apprenticeships work

What's involved?

  • You’ll need to be in employment for at least 30 hours per week.  If you’re not already working we can help through our network of employers who are looking for Apprentices.
  • You’ll need to be committed – not just to work, but to study and to meet deadlines, and your employer will need to be committed to support your development and learning.
  • You’ll have regular meetings with your assessor who will guide you through the qualification and advise and support you as you progress through your Apprenticeship.
  • On completion you will have achieved several qualifications and once they are all combined you will achieve your Apprenticeship certificate.


Who can do an apprenticeship?

  • Anyone over 16 can apply to do an Apprenticeship - the programme starts once you commence employment.
  • If you already have a job, you may also be eligible to start an Apprenticeship.  We can advise you and your employer of the next steps.

So what are you waiting for? Remember…

  • Our Apprenticeship training is available for many job roles.
  • Apprenticeships are available for all ages.
  • You can do the majority of learning in the workplace.
  • Apprentices learn practical skills whilst earning a salary.
  • You’ll gain nationally recognised qualifications.
  • You’ll be taught by experts and tutors who have industry experience and knowledge, so they understand the industry in which you work.
  • You’ll improve your general skills – such as communication, team working, creative thinking and self-management and punctuality – helping to make you a good rounded employee.