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If you’re thinking about a job within construction and are

keen to develop your skills in one of the related trades, then

now has never been a better time. Within the local area,

there is a significant demand for construction based

training, with employers very keen to employ local people.

Regionally, the Construction sector continues to grow and

over the next five years, over 13,000 construction jobs are

expected to be created within the North East. This is as a

result of growth in both Private and Public Housing due to

the support of a number of Government funding schemes.

As a result, employers are keen to recruit individuals with

the skills they need to develop their businesses in a

wide-range of trades including carpentry, joinery,

bricklaying and plastering to name a few.

What can I study?

Certificate in Construction

• Brickwork

• Joinery

• Plastering

• General Construction

(with opportunity of progression to Level 2 or an Apprenticeship)

Diploma in Construction Skills (Level 1 and 2)

Apprenticeships in a range of Construction Trades

at Intermediate and Advanced Level

• Brickwork

• Joinery

• Plastering

• General Construction

Studying at College

has helped me so much

with my confidence, so

much so that I felt I was

ready to apply for an

apprenticeship. I

received help to prepare

my CV to send off to

companies, and my hard

work and perseverance

finally paid off when I

joined Johnsons Sheds as

an apprentice. I love

attending College on day

release; the tutors are

very supportive and I’m

gaining the knowledge

and insight I need to

pursue a career in


Dempsey Dinsdale



Apply now at

Almost women work in construction,

proving that it’s definitely not just “jobs for the boys!”


Intermediate Apprenticeship

in Construction


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